Kaikeyi- The Mother Of A God by Suresh Kala.


Book – Kaikeyi – The Mother Of A God

Author – Suresh Kala

“This life is a path of duty, and no one knows which turn is going to be their last. The only treasure we take away is the contentment that not once did we leave the path our conscience told us to follow. Let people say that human is a plaything at the hands of fate; I will not surrender to the fate till my last breath.”

She seemed an incarnation of Durga. Her body was an art of a heavenly sculptor. She was the goddess of war as said by many. She is the beautiful, valiant, daughter of king of Kaikeya, Kaikeyi. For the people who follow mythology keenly ,these virtues might be highly clouded amidst of her other emblazoned characteristics. The ancient notion of Kaikeyi being involved in quite a bit of schadenfreude when she deliberately sent lord rama to exile making her own son the emperor, is highly crushed upon reading the book: kaikeyi, the mother of a god.

The magnificent narration by the author, Suresh Kala is highly laudable. Starting from the depiction of the exceptional architecture of Ayodhya to slowly merging into the past and present circumstances and then accelerating towards the contemplation of the events, this book would definitely take you through an emotional turbulence. The elucidation of the various human relationships was methodically woven into a string whose beauty is unfathomable yet the events are so well versed that these teachings stick into your mind in a subtle manner.

The hero of the story was undeniably kaikeyi. The book never missed any chance to lionize her action validating her every move with proper precision. She was both fierce as a tide and quiet as placid lake. She set an example for every woman by conquering every arena she placed her foot onto. The story drew parallel to the shackles that bound society of Ramyug albeit the mythological significance it held. The social stigmas like casteism, patriarchy, prejudice not only prevails in today’s society but has a deep rooted history dating back to the satyuga.

This summation of this book definitely left me fangirling over this ancient mythological character who gave the true meaning of feminism in a time where women were merely considered as diamonds in the crown.


Sniper’s Eye by Mainak Dhar.

Book – Sniper’s Eye
Author – @dharmainak
Pages – 238

Aaditya Ghosh quit his position as a Major under certain vexed circumstances and swore to lead a life as a commoner and not reveal the details of that fateful dispute for good.

After few years of leading a life of apparent normalcy, a shooting in a mall in front of him while he was out with his girlfriend Zoya, ultimately leads him back to the place which he least desired.

Aaditya’s endeavor to lay downbeat went into vain when he was all over the news for his heroic act of catching the sniper involved in the mall shooting.

The story proceeds with a series of sniper killings across the city, a whole master plan and an even larger hand instigating it.

This book has war, terrorists, international disputes and corruption at the higher-ups and a whole lot of mystery, thrill and action.

The writing style and narration is great. But the repeated use of certain dialogues is kind of annoying. The characters were well developed and the pace was just right. The sequence of events were beautiful set and the mystery revealed layer after layer surely made it an amusing read. I really enjoyed reading this book. Absolutely recommend for mystery/thriller lovers. .

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty.

Name- They Go To Sleep
Author- Saugata Chakroborty
Publishers- Notion Press
Pages- 102

The Go To Sleep is a collection of 12 short stories, inspire from real life events. Most of the stories had an air of mystery and suspense around them, and the stories were unique and unpredictable, they were dark and intense, and they all were different.

The stories were quite descriptive and fast paced but I felt it would have been better if the stories were for more than 7/8 pages, since the plots were so strong because as soon as I started getting into the story and enjoying and getting involved in it, it ended. The language used was kind of rigid and not that interactive. But the writing style was quite systematic and went with a good flow, had the language been a bit interactive, it would have been way better to read. The stories were very well created and the all the plots very amusing and had interesting twists and turns in them.

Most of the characters in the stories prominent enough to be remembered, but then since the stories were short, no development were seen and the stories ended before I could relate or have connection with them.

Overall, it was a good read with different, unique and fascinating stories.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟/5

One Precious Moment by Ritu Kakar.


Book – One Precious Moment
Author – Ritu Kakar
Pages – 144

What makes a difference in an ordinary plot is the narration.How well it connects with the reader to leave an impact even though the reader happens to have read the same kind of story before. And Ritu Kakkar has done a brilliant job at connecting with the readers, narration is definitely her forte.

The way the story begins and slowly builds up with all the personal touch has a huge impact when there is a major grief scene coming up in the story. All the bonds that’s built in the course of time while reading the book actually makes you go through the torment alongwith the characters. Life is going to happen, fate is going to knock you down, but it’s you who decides if you want to face the storm and rise beyond it or just get washed away in that sudden gush of life.

What’s even more appealing is the tasteful portrayal of mental health, loss, the importance of accepting the situation in order to grow out of any suffering, the care, love and patience needed to deal with a person who’s suffering any kind of mental health issues. I absolutely loved all the characters and the attachment between them. Although I felt Abishek’s character could have got a little more story. The pace of the story was good but I wish there was a little more elucidation towards the end, since that felt kind of hasty.

Overall I enjoyed the story and it was quite an overwhelming read for me.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Author Interview of Tanmay Dubey for The Red Line.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I work as a Book Writing Coach, Work Life Balance coach and take Industry Readiness Seminars in Colleges. I am also a fitness enthusiast and have completed 30 half marathons and 5 full Marathons including Sydney, Amsterdam and Geneva International Marathons. I am also first Indian Fiction Author to complete IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon in Port Macquire Australia

2. You’ve mentioned in your book that this story has been inspired by some real life situations you have come across. Can you please enlighten your readers about those situations ?

India Pakistan war in 1972 , BRAHMOS missile launch are few of the Real life incidents that I have written about in the book..

3. Of all the characters in your book, has anyone been formed inspired by real life ?

Hanumant Shastri the main lead in the book is inspired by a real life person who worked in police department

4. Your book has been really well-written and well-researched. How long did you take to research and write the book with such precision ?

I interviewed people from Ministry of Defence, read various reports and new paper articles related to the events that I was writing about. I almost researched for 6-8 months before I started to write the book

5. Are you currently writing any other book ? If so, what is it about ?

I am writing a self-help book with another first-time author P Raghuraman. The book will be talking about essential qualities that you must develop to become a Super Sales Personnel

6. Do you have any unique or quirky writing habit ?

I like to listen to Bollywood music while writing 😊

7. How has been your journey as a writer?

It has been one of the most fascinating journey of my life. Life has not failed to surprise me even once after I became a writer. “The look of admiration” that I get from most of the people is what I respect and enjoy most

8. Any message for your readers ?

They should answer the WHY first before they want to become an author. When The WHY is in place, then they should have full confidence and faith in their skills and should create there own style. Every book fill its reader !

The Red Line by Tanmay Dubey


Book – The Red Line
Author – Tanmay Dubey
Publisher – Leadstart Publishing

This is one of the most amazing books I’ve read till date ! What an amazing narration and an even more startling plot !

When Rakesh Kumar, a senior officer in the Ministry of Defense does, everyone thinks of it as a natural death, Delhi Police SHO Hanumant Shastri believes it to be a murder. Trying to prove his gut feeling right, he and his junior Azhar Ansari start digging up everything related to Rakesh Kumar and stumble upon evidences, people and circumstances that could inflict far-reaching damages than just one murder. With n number of twists and turns, every character masked with layers of truth hidden beneath, corruption at the higher ups and very least people to trust, this is one hell of a thriller !

The Author’s narration and writing style is way too amazing. The precision with which the whole story is written with all the intricate details is hands down skyscraping. The way the suspense is maintained till the end made the book a nail-biting read ! And oh wow, the characters. I loved each one of them and the fact that Hanumant Shashtri is inspired from a real character (oh yes, I interviewed the Author and got to know a lot about him and the book. I’ve posted the interview too !) and the story itself being a fictional representation of one such big attack in India makes the read another level awesome. I immensely enjoyed reading this book and totally recommend it.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Author Interview of Harinder Cheema for The Temple Stop.


@authorharindercheema has done an absolutely brilliant job with her book and The Temple Stop is a must read if you haven’t read it yet !

It was a pleasure reading your book and interviewing you Ma’am, @authorharindercheema. All the best for your future endeavors. Hope to read more from you.

1.Introduce yourself to the readers.

I am a writer, a poet, a motivational speaker and author of the book called The Temple Stop. On personal front I am the wife of an Air Force officer.

2.How is life as an Air Force officer’s wife?

Life as an Air Force officer’s wife has been a journey where I have seen so many places, met so many people, made so many friends, lived so many experiences and faced so many challenges. And as a result of all this, I have become a strong individual that I am today.

3.What/ Who inspired you to write The Temple Stop?

I wanted to draw people’s attention to the fact that it is not only the soldiers who make sacrifices while serving the nation but also their families .

4. The Temple Stop is absolutely an overwhelming read. How difficult was it to pen down such an emotional story?

Since you have read it and felt the emotions, let me tell you that when I went through it after completing it, l myself could not control my emotions. The experience has been wonderful and cathartic.

5. Who was your favorite character from The Temple Stop?

I love all my characters but Perneet is very close to my heart since her character reflects my thoughts and it is through her agency, I have tried to convey that values and virtues are not just old fashioned words. A meaningful life is a life well lived.

6. What hobbies do you pursue?

I love swimming, reading, going for long walks, listening to music and travelling and exploring new places.

7. Do you have any quirky writing habit?

I get up at any time of the night and start writing and then it just carries on till dawn.

8. I loved reading your book. Where can I find more of your work?

Soon you will get to read a book on my poems and I am going to start working on my next novel.

9. Which is your go to genre?

Both poetry and fiction.

10. How has life been as an author?

Life is beautiful! More so because people are loving my work, inviting me for events and motivational lectures and also connecting with me through various social media platforms.

11. Any message for the readers.
I would like to urge my readers to pursue their dreams passionately and patiently.