From Shadows to Souls by Sazina Khan

A poem is the best expression for uncomprehended feelings. Unlike fictional tales, poems will find a route to the reader’s heart. They say it is possible to live a hundred lives in a limited time through short poetry. From shadow to souls, the title is a mist of daunting as well as heartfelt emotions. This book is a cluster of poems with 99 beauties of every genre.
Some of the most appreciable poems were, Remains of a desire, I think of you, Free birds, The magnetic void, A tear and another gush, Her love as a phoenix, Seventeen years back, etc. If you go through the list of titles (of poems), you can see through a timeline. A timeline of lost love. This is fervently melancholic too. The cover and the title say a story of its kind. A must-read for every poetry lover.

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