Elephant by Natalie Rodriguez.

Elephant by Natalie Rodriguez.

This was quite a confusing read from the very beginning. It continuously swaps between past and present and it took me few pages to get a grasp over the flow. It definitely requires undivided attention to understand the underlying concept of this heavy plot and the deep rooted trauma in Matty’s character. The plot is as complex as the human mind itself.

The intricate and vivid imagery of each one of Matty’s thought made me very uncomfortable. This sneak peak into a teenager’s private thoughts, stress and anxiety, troubles and fear – thinking about it still makes me shudder. Because the very thought of seeing someone in so much discomfort in his own body, his very private self – is scary. And the saddest part is a lot of people go through this. They face their inner demons every day, every moment. The thought of living with troubled thoughts makes my mind hammer hard. It’s heartbreaking to think what people go through. It’s hidden in the mind, it’s not physical – it’s tricky.

He had the three greatest friends and a grandmother who loved him. And the way everything happening with Matty affected them – it was upsetting. They all loved him and cared for him. I applaud how the Author has given equal importance to each character and presented a very raw picture of each emotion they go through. I loved the little details of Matty and Jamie getting attracted to each other.

Mental health is very important. It’s not a scar that you see on someone’s body and know that they aren’t well. It’s not something onto which you’ll apply an ointment and provide fast aid to make someone feel better. It’s inside of a human mind. You can do nothing except being considerate, kind, empathetic and non-judgmental.

This is a very important book. Even though a bit confusing in the beginning, the writing style is good. The suspense throughout the book will play with your concentration. This won’t teach you lessons. It’ll grab your attention and push you into a little boy’s mind – for you to experience whatever he’s feeling.

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