Murder Milestone by Salil Desai

I love murder mysteries, well, basically mysteries. Because it gets my senses piqued, my heart thumping and I’m all jumpy. Sounds too much but it’s so fun.
So I read Salil Desai’s Murder Milestone and wow ! A death row convict Dharmesh Solanki, just before a week from his execution reveals an unbelievable secret to senior police officer Saralkar. And from here begins the quest to verify Solanki’s disturbing claim. That’s not it. Mysterious suicides, another dangerous murderer on loose and Saralkar’s personal life falling apart. With so much on his plate, Saralkar tackling each problem was a treat to read. The serial killer was cold to the core and a psychopath. Sometimes reading stories like this makes me wonder the extent to which we humans are mysterious. Nobody real knows what’s going on in someone’s mind.  Anyways, this book was fast paced, engrossing and satisfying !

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