Mandu by Malathi Ramachandran.

#Mandu by Malathi Ramachandran.

“Overwhelmingly painful. Poignant yet beautiful.”

My heart swells with all the love Baz and Roopmati had for each other. As time passes, the realisation – of Baz and Roopmati’s pure love and affection for each other, their innocence, their tragic end, Sadiya and Roopmati’s friendship and mutual devotion, young Hiba’s longing to feel beautiful and desired, Jana Begum’s destructive and cruel actions to apparently save her daughter – dawns upon me, and the intense emotions seeps into my very being making it unbearable to stop the vivid imaginations brought out by the Author’s brilliant writing. So overwhelmingly poignant yet beautiful, Baz and Roopmati’s story holds a special place in my heart.

A being of music and art, Baz inherited the throne of Malwa alongwith his brothers’ resent and envy, and a young wife who barely understood his needs and feelings. Practically no one to call his own, Baz was thirsty for companionship. Stumbling upon Roopmati near the banks of the Narmada was the miracle he had been waiting for since a long, long time.

I applaud how the Author has tried to include everyone’s side of the story. This is when it’s hard to detest the antagonist or completely sympathise with the protagonist. This is also when you learn to understand everyone and their version of the story.

The characters have been intricately developed and each of them mark their firm existence in this story.

While I’m completely swooning over Baz-Roopmati’s love story, Baz’s lack of responsibility towards his Kingdom and subjects, bothered me. Everybody is entitled to fall in love, enjoy their lives, but they also have an obligation towards the title they hold. Easier said than done, huh ?

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