Tongue-in-Cheek: The Funny Side of Life by Khyrunnsa A.

Tongue-in-Cheek by @akhyrunnisa

(This book is available on Kindle Unlimited and is a must read.)

So relatable and funny – a comfort read.

I had never read a book from this genre. Because – well, you know, I believed humor is for television – movies and shows. There’s the sound, the dialogues and the expressions. So, I never thought I could read a book and laugh, even though I’ve a pretty good imagination.
And then I read Tongue-in-Cheek. Khyrunnisa does magic with the words and the satire in her writing is mind-blowing !
The book is a compilation of anecdotes that almost everyone can connect with.
The little things we laugh about at family dinners or game nights or while just lazing around in this lockdown – makes up for such a delightful read.
I kept giggling all the while I was reading the book. The Author and her husband’s banter was so spot-on witty that my cheeks went literally ticklish.
The stories were short and easy to read. The vocabulary is all age reader friendly. And according to me, the best part is the relatability and familiarity these stories have. I absolutely enjoyed reading the stories – reminiscing in my own memories.


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