The Temple Stop


Book- The Temple Stop
Author- @authorharindercheema
Publisher- @bluerose_publishers

*Have you heard #VeMahi and #TeriMitti songs from #21Kesaris ? This book for most part is going to make you feel the way those songs did.*

“Much sweat, blood, tear and toil go in giving birth to one’s own flesh and blood. The saplings had taken their share.”

No act can be compared with the act of selflessness, valour and patriotism shown by the soldiers. They leave their families, loved ones and lives behind, so that we can be safe with ours. They leave the comfort of their homes, their parents love and care, their beloved’s company and their children’s growing up years. The sacrifice of their parents and wives are unfathomable and beyond the human threshold for pain. Only God knows what are they made up of because for sure flesh and bone cannot bear even an ounce of what they have to go through !
Author Harinder Cheema has given her best efforts to let her readers have a peek at the life of a soldier and his family. And I can’t thank her enough for writing such a serene story. Her narration pulls at the raw strings of our hearts creating a whirlwind of emotions.
This tale of Yodha, Perneet and their kids Veer and Veeran will make you bawl like a baby. The Author’s narration will make you confront the pain of separation, the undescribable contentment of reunion and the void created at the death of a loved one at such soaring levels that everytime you see, hear, read or think about a soldier your heart will be filled with pride more than ever ! The characters were absolutely great and they gave life to the plot. I loved reading this book and I totally recommend it.

Rating- I wish I could give it more than 5 stars ! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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Interview Of Deepa Iyer, Author Of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor.

Deepa Iyer is the Author of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor. It was so much fun both reading the books and interviewing the Author.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I’m a nature lover, endowed with creativity and balance… probably because I’m a Libran. While I’m really spiritual, I enjoy painting, decorating, music, reading etc. Anything creative is therapeutic for me.

2. Both your books, The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor give beautiful life lessons and morals. Do you think it’s just the kids or the adults too need to be taught morals and lessons ?

(Laughs) Thanks. It’s always easier to shape young minds.

3. How do you think we can impart knowledge about good values, the need to be kind and thoughtful to kids at a younger age ?

A. Several ways actually. Books is an obvious medium. I would think narrating experiences from real life is very effective and so are role plays. Walking the talk is important since kids learn by emulating.

4. Do you think reading stories with morals and everyday life lessons would help kids learn better ?

A. Surely. As I already said, it’s one of the ways.

5. Why do you think people grow up and forget all the values they have been taught and become wayward ?

A. Our values are the guiding principles of our life.
They guide us to reflect and make the right decisions. If these values are not imbibed well, circumstances and peer pressure etc. can get the better of the individual and drive one to take wrong/ unethical decisions.

6. What inspired you to write two Children’s book ?

A. My daughter. (Laughs) Once, I was generally mulling over the values that I want to inculcate in my daughter.These were some of the values that flashed across my mind, along with these experiences. That was it…the content flowed easily and I just had to capture them all on paper. Thus, The Tree Of Values was born.

7. What expectations do you have from your books ?

A. Well, by now you would have realized that I place lot of importance on values. Most of the problems that we are seeing or facing in this world today, mostly,stem from weak values and/or morals. I feel a strong urge to address this right at the root level. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s citizens.So it’s important to nurture and nourish these young minds. I sincerely wish and hope to reach out to as many kids as possible through these books.

8. Out of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor, which one do you like the best.

A) Well, difficult to choose. While both the books convey values, The Tree Of Values drives home the message through real life experiences. On the other hand, who can ever ignore the bubbly and naughty Krishna, whose incarnation is full of lessons on leading a virtuous life, at the very least and that’s my Makhan Chor!

9. How has been your journey as a writer ?

A. It’s been quite fulfilling and exciting. It was quite a satisfying moment, when a 8 year old girl, approached me at a playground and said, “ Aren’t you the author of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor?” Since that day, she’s my biggest fan. Nothing can be more motivating for a writer.

10. Are you planning to write more Children’s book or are you going to change the genre ?

A. Hopefully.

11. Any message for your readers ?

A. I’m full of gratitude for those readers, who have already embraced my writings and take lot of pleasure in promoting my books. My request to all the readers is to make the most of these books by giving it to your children to read or reading it to them. Most of the stories in The Tree Of Values, can also be enacted as a short drama, which makes it fun and easier to absorb the message. Enjoy The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor, Krishnavataram for Millennials. Thanks.

Makhan Chor

Book- Makhan Chor
Author- Deepa Iyer
Publisher- Notion Press
Pages- 38Reading Makhan Chor brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. As a kid, my grandfather used to tell me a lot of stories, and I loved listening to them. He used to narrate stories of Lord Krishna, how naughty yet adorable he was and about his evil Uncle.
And reading this book was a flashback of all those sweet memories.
The writing is so simple that kids would find it really easy to understand and the illustrations make the stories even more amusing !
The illustrations are top-notch, absolutely beautiful. The narration was a total attention seeker.
What I loved more was how there were morals at the end of each story. The importance of faith, the need to believe in God, how good triumphs over evil.
This book is absolutely recommend for kids.Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The Tree Of Values

Book- The Tree Of Values
Author- Deepa Iyer
Publisher- Notion Press
Pages- 68

The Tree Of Values is a children’s book with a collection of 15 short stories with the central idea of teaching morals at the end of the story.

We’re in a world where there’s more vice than value, where people are getting more selfish day by day, where the value of honesty and integrity are ignored, greed and immorality is on rise.

All the 15 stories through the stories explain the importance of having good character, having faith in God, respecting and caring for our elders, how much our parents work to nurture and care for us, the value of a teacher in our life, using our presence of mind, being positive, trying to help everyone and refrain from hurting anyone, the importance of being humble and kind, accepting the good and the bad, and the value of punctuality, integrity, honesty, patience and forgiveness.

Kids are like moulds, they get the shape based on how you design them. It’s very important to teach and learn these basic things that help us keep our heart, mind and soul clean.

There are a lot of moral based stories for kids in the market, but what makes this one different ? These stories are very different than other moral based stories I had read earlier, and from the conversation with the Author, I got to know these stories are based on her own experience.With simple yet beautiful illustrations, the short stories are impactful.These are very simple and easy to read and the narration is smooth. The writing is such that it can be used for role plays hence, helping the kids learn better. This is a must read for kids.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Diamond Discovery

Book- Diamond Discovery
Author- Lalitha Natraj
Publisher- Bluerose Publishers

“This is a story of mettle and mystery.
A story of shocking change and discovery.
So, my dear reader, read on, read ahead.
On the path of this story we shall tread.
Diamond Discovery I behold,
As it unravels and unfolds.”

Diamond Discovery is the second book in ‘The Imperial Jewels’ series and follows the life of Anna Rose, the ruler of the Isle of Megovia. Princess Anna Rose is visually impaired and is entangled in a series of recurring nightmares. Every morning she wakes up trembling as an aftermath to her nightmares but with a hope that she can see again. But as soon as she opened her eyes the darkness still persisted. That feeling broke her but she never let that show on her face. Her Kingdom desperately kept trying to sculpt her back into the warrior she was and Anna continued fighting the conflicts that stirred within her. This story is about Anna and the war between identity and personality, grief and acceptance, fate and faith, an unfortunate past and an inspired future.
This was a really enjoyable read for me. The writing style was lucid and the narration was engaging. I loved all the characters, how incredibly strong Anna was, how much Julian adored and supported Anna. The plot is filled with mysteries and thrilling twists and turns and the pace of the book was just right.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

A conversation with Lalitha Natraj, author of Diamond Discovery, published by Bluerose Publishers

1. What was the reason behind penning down your thoughts?
Well, the story came to me and I wanted to share it with others.

2. What kind of feedback are you expecting?
Any kind of feedback is welcome. The positive ones will motivate me, and the negative ones will propel me to do better.

3. How long did it take for you to write the book?
Writing, editing, publishing, the whole trajectory took over a year.

4. Are you working on any upcoming books?
Yes, I continue to write. It will always be a part of me.

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Book- Wild World ~ The Adventure Of Bali and Bhola
Author- Deepak Arora @deep.ache_
Publishers- Srishti Publications @srishtipub
Pages- 192

With degrading environmental conditions, rising temperature, frequent cyclones and famines, global warming, animals getting extinct, forests getting depleted, the world is definitely not becoming a better place to live.
With the rise in extreme conditions like this the Author has tried to do his part in educating our future generation to save what’s left of their fore father’s greed. Wild World is a story about how a person veiled as protector is the annihilator of animals and their habitat. This book shows how greedy and insensitive the humans have become and how inhumane their behavior has become towards animals. It further shows how the jungle full of different animals take it upon themselves to save their habitat and the last alive member of the tiger family.

The Author has done a brilliant job at not just addressing one of the most important and grave issues of our time but also executing it in the best way possible so that it could impart lessons to our future generations, to teach them the importance of maintaining the balance in biodiversity and treating every living being humanely and with compassion, to respect nature and let it be safe and at peace the way we are in our homes. The writing style was really good and the narration was definitely attractive. The illustrations sure made it a fun read. There was humour, serious situations, drama, adventure and all of this made it a perfect story where you have fun and you learn. Absolutely recommend.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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Author Interview Of Deepak Arora For Wild World.


#WildWorld has been written by Deepak Arora . In his interview, we’ll get to know a little more about the extremely talented Deepak Arora.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I am an Electronic Media professional by profession and writer by passion.

2. What/Who inspired you to write this book ?

I used to visit various wildlife national parks just to get one glimpse of a tiger. Though I was lucky just once, but experiences from these trips gave me a number of ideas for stories on life of animals.

3. Your book very tastefully handles the environmental issues and cruelty towards animals. Why did you choose to write a children’s book instead of writing a book directly stating these issues ?

Well, I am a writer and not an activist. And as a responsible writer my job is to write stories that are entertaining yet meaningful.

4. How important do you think it is to teach the future generation about preserving the environment, the habitat of all the living beings ?

Since the time we have won the evolutionary race and have made our away to the top of the food chain, we humans have been trying to control the nature and its inhabitants. If a wild animal enters our territory we consider it as an intrusion but we humans have build our civilisations cutting into their territories.
If our future generations could understand this fact that, when we say ‘our planet’, ‘Our’ not only includes humans but animals too. So we have to to live on it responsibly.

5. What expectations do you have from your book ?

Appreciation and encouragement to continue my journey as an author.

6. How has been your journey as a writer ?

(it will be a long answer)
Being a film maker, my first instinct was to write screenplays. My first screenplay was Queen of the Jungle. I sent it to various screenplay writing competitions around the world and it got me my first Moondance Film Festival award (USA) in 2006. The screenplay was also an official entry of KIDS BEST AWARDS held in LA on 5th of October 2007. It received 2½ out of 3 stars ratings by the Jury with comments like “Entertaining and touching”, “It has the potential of being an All Star Film, possibly even a big hit on the big screen”. I tried to bring that screenplay to the attention of producers in the USA and India. But then, that was it. Hollywood didn’t need it and Bollywood wasn’t ready for it. So I chucked it in my table drawer and forgot about it.
Then I wrote Wild World and sent it to various competitions again. It again impressed the jury of Moondance Film Festival and in 2014, I received my second Moondance Award. I also wrote a hindi version of the screenplay and sent it to Dada Saheb Phalke film festival – 2015. It won the Best Screenplay-Jury award.
And then, the story of market demand for an animated or live/animated screenplay was the same. But before I could chuck it in a drawer and forget about it again, I thought, that if my stories are winning awards then there must be something good in them. And I know Wild World is engaging as well as entertaining, I know the message is good. I wanted Wild World to reach to the kids so they could learn and value our Wildlife.
So I decided to turn it into a book which was a challenge for me as I had never considered myself capable of writing a book. It took around 6 months to complete Wild World: The Adventures of Bali & Bhola. These 6 months were a learning curve for me as it gave my writing a whole new perspective.

7. Any message for your readers ?

When you watch a movie, you watch it in present as everything is happening in front of you. But most of the books are written in past tense as it has already happened and you are reading about it. Since Wild World was initially a screenplay, I decided to write this book in present tense as I wanted my readers to feel that what they are reading is happening while they are reading about it, as if they are watching a movie. And after they have read it, they should learn to bring some empathy towards the Wildlife in them. As once we start understanding things from their perspective, we will be able to accept that we don’t rule the earth but are a part of this world just like the other wild animals. And next time when they visit a wildlife national park, they should not take it as a picnic trip but enjoy the whole experience of being in the Wild World.