Love Yourself by Rakhi Kapoor.

I guess a lot of us are familiar with the saying that true happiniess lies within us and that we don’t have to search for it in others or the outside world. Although it’s true, it’s not very easy to achieve. There’s a lot to accept and let go before we can even begin to find happiness within us. It’s a journey, a long one at that.
Love Yourself by Rakhi Kapoor is a beautiful book filled with her life stories. Short and moving – the stories are a part of her journey towards healing and self love. Her personal journey of physical and mental health was so deep and shows how much each one of us struggles, even unknown to our closed ones.
Going further into the book, the author has listed out things to do to feel better. The compassion and empathy dripping from the book is something a lot of us need right now.
There’s so much to learn about self-love from this book. Do give it a read.

Picture Credits : Pinterest.


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