God is Great.

Absolutely worthwhile and meaningful.
Faith, Spirituality and God – they mean different to everyone (not the definition, of course, but the importance of these words).
For me, my faith has a huge role in whatever I do. It keeps me calm, gives me hope.

This is the story of a scientist, who identifies himself as an atheist when the story begins and later on goes on a journey of spirituality and self realisation. He observes and grasps various happenings from his daily life. This story about the enlightenment of a scientist on God, Faith and Spirituality is an interesting read. The content was especially appealing to me.

It’s a short read of 90 pages but the vast topic of the relationship between Science and Spirituality, an atheist’s spiritual awakening based on practical observation and logical explanation of various sacred rituals and rules, not only made this book a wonderful read but also helped me understand the deeper meaning of these rules and rituals and I got to learn some amusing facts.

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