Unsacked : Survival Guide to Layoffs during COVID-19.

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#Unsacked – Survival Guide to Layoffs during COVID-19 by @shreya_kejriwal.

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring” – George Santayana

This is a really hard time for every single person. Each of us are getting affected in different ways, but certainly the tremor of this pandemic is being felt more by some people as compared to others.

Apart from being affected by this deadly disease, people are losing their jobs.
Imagine a middle class family’s sole earning member losing his job. Not a very rare sight these days. Let’s not even get started about BPL and APL people. Their condition is precarious.

The amount of stress, pressure, anger, guilt, resentment, helplessness and the unfathomable impending doom of surviving and facing the society – this one sentence can cause anyone to panic – just image the condition of people going through this.

This book ‘Unsacked – Survival Guide to Layoffs during COVID-19’, talks about the minute and undeniable parts of being sacked or laid off. This book undoubtedly does a great job at grasping the current scenario and providing positivity to people in dire need of some support.Because we can beat this situation with love, kindness, support and huge amount of empathy.

But, at certain points the chapters kind of feel repetitive and a bit mundane. I appreciate how the Author has focused on the importance of healthy mental and emotional state, saving up for unpredictable circumstances.

“Remember, relinquishing your job in these times has little to do with you as a performer and more to do with the financial management of the company and the economic situation of the country in general.”

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One thought on “Unsacked : Survival Guide to Layoffs during COVID-19.

  1. Hi it’s great to see your views on this. Unsacked seems like it has highly relevant material especially for the times that we are experiencing now, so i’ll probably look into it further. I just wanted to compliment you for giving it some spotlight 👍👍😄


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