Feni Daze

Book – Feni Daze
Author – Matthew Vincet Menacherry
Pages – 346

Feni Daze. The title itself is so intriguing that I had to pick this book up. Scenes swapping between the past and present life of our protagonist Victor, portraying the hardship he went through as a kid and it’s aftereffect was painful. The writing style is such that it makes you enjoy and absorb all that is happening in the story. I love how deeply Victor’s character is crafted, his battles and turmoils so realistic. In fact, all the characters were well developed. There was actually a lot going on, scene after scene, subplots, which isn’t exactly messy but a bit too much was going layer after layer. Set in various locations, the description about these places was right on point. The narration was good, especially because the way it makes the readers feel about the story and the characters.

Rating – 4/5


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