Power of One by Devpal Gupta.

The Power of One by Devpal Gupta is such a beautiful book. It talks about our core values, shows how important it is to value ourselves and our principles and not succumb to irrelevant opinions from others.

I loved how he took little snippets from his life and described how everything he has learned till date has it’s roots embedded in his heart.

He described this really familiar instance that I’m sure must have happened with a lot of us. The Author is really into cricket and was a pretty good batsman himself. In this one match, he had to sacrifice his wicket so that the team could win the match. He did a great job and his teammates were immensely proud of him. But that wasn’t the case with his father. His father was angry and ended up humiliating him in front of everyone. He was hurt and in pain. But what he did next was inspiring. He channelled that pain and whatever discrimination he had faced in his life in becoming the better version of himself. So much better that he would never have to explain himself ever again and his actions would speak for him whenever required.

He focuses on not just being successful but also developing virtues like  growing with our core values, never to compromise our morale and conscience to achieve something or for momentary pleasure. He explains how important it is to have self-confidence.

He shows how important it is to utilise our time and live in the moment, because it could very well be our last moment. He shows how giving is important and fulfilling, how we should treat everyone with respect, be trustworthy and hardworking.

It’s just a short, 50 page read and the fact that I still got so much to talk about this book shows how good it is !

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