Tales from Bengal by Sourish Roy.


Book – Tales from Bengal
Author – Sourish Roy

Tales from Bengal is a collection of short stories. Each unique in it’s own sense, yet similar to the other. Picked from the life of common Bengalis, just as urbanization and technology came knocking Bengal’s door, portraying their raw traits, the stories are threaded into this book.

It’s not a myth that people from the same regional background share similar traits and it was absolutely endearing reading about people with the sweetest tongue ! The Author has done a great job in portraying different parts and people of Bengal, yet showing how similar they are. Hats off to the authenticity of the stories !

The stories were one of a kind, mirroring the deepest human emotions, the struggles, the sacrifices, the adjustments and what not !
As much as I liked the stories, I wish the language was a bit simpler. With such usage the vocabulary, the essence was somewhat lost, making it a not-so-smooth read. Nonetheless, everything from the title, cover and the 9 stories, this book is a beautiful piece of art !

Rating – 4🌟


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