Better Than Sex by Atima Mankotia.

“Life was a thing in motion and change was inevitable. Her shallow roots blown away by the breeze of wedlock needed to germinate elsewhere, deeper and stronger.”
Better than Sex is a book that holds a whole lifetime of emotions. The Author has done an absolutely great job at bringing out and portraying sentiments of every individual and every bond.
To begin with, I love how the role of a woman as a mother, wife, daughter-in-law and daughter has been beautifully written; the tough choices they make, the responsibility and duty to hold a family together, to be selfless all the time. Each day, a sacrifice is made, big or small.

Meenu’s new life was waiting for her at Chandigarh, and the bus ride to her new home was one hell of a journey ! Hours on the road from Delhi to Chandigarh witnessed a bride’s puzzled thoughts, desperate for an answer to her questions against the age old tradition of adopting another family as soon as she’s married. Meenu’s helplessness and inability to be excited on getting married and going to her husband’s home, made her question everything that was happening. The best part about this marriage-vidai scene is it wasn’t limited to all happy-go-lucky albeit an emotional send off. It showed everything that every bride goes through, but never says out loud.

It was entertaining throughout the book. The excitement and party mood, family secrets, past lives, tangled relationship, kept the interest in the story going. Although I didn’t like few parts when they were explained repeatedly or dragged for more few more scenes than required, it was a very fun read.

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