I started reading pokhran because I thought there are many secrets that are buried within those sandy deserts of Rajasthan. I always empathised with the nuclear attack survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so when I got to know about this particular book I was really inquisitive.

The first part of the book takes you on the journey of the nuclear tests that were conducted in Pokhran in order to prove India as a nuclear superpower but also shows the other side of the coin ,i.e, the aftermath of the triumph. It will let you wonder whether that was the reality of the place or if it was neatly woven as a story to grab your attention. But no wonder the story loses its charm in a very gradual manner as it takes numerous twists and turns which I thought were particularly irrelevant. Because of the incredible opening I genuinely hoped the book to continue the same saga throughout. But the medieval journey was definitely not upto the mark. I thought atleast the ending would patch the shortcomings of the central journey, but even that wasn’t the case. The ending was also a bit abrupt and not satisfactory. Overall, the book had an incredible start to the journey but it might dampen your spirits while ending.

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