The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island


Book- The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island. (The Source Code Series, Book-1)

Author- Ekat Rin

Pages- 200 .

“Are you sure that all the thoughts you have in your head are yours?”

The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island is such an exciting read ! Maggie, a programmer along with her artist friend Sandy, plans to create a virtual game of isolated and uncontacted tribe. It might sound simple, but has a lot to it. One day Maggie gets a call from her brother and gets an opportunity to visit a land of isolated tribes. Maggie and Sandy alongwith Maggie’s brother George, George’s friend Arthur , Sandy’s boyfriend Paul and Maggie’s dear dog, Bead went on the trip together. Mysterious happenings starts taking place on the island.

The Author has done a great job with the narration and has presented 200 pages full of adventure !
Alongwith the original plot of this story, there are other stories relating to the characters and everything is beautifully linked with each other. Suspense is built on every page and is carried forward smoothly. The end is left in a cliffhanger making the reader hungry for more !
Although there were few grammatical errors, everything else from plot to the character development, the pace of the story, were great. .

I loved how every character was distinctly defined. The humour part was really good. The involvement of Maggie’s dog Bead was so excellent that he was he is counted as a person. Amazing narration and unique plot. .

Want a great, fun, suspense and unique read ? Go for this book !
Absolutely recommend 👍

Rating-🌟🌟🌟🌟.5/5 .Thank you The Book Genie for the review copy.


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