The Hidden Children~ The Lost Grimoire

Book- The Hidden Children~ The Lost Grimoire (Book 1)

Pages- 407

Author- Reshma K Barshikar

Publishers- Two Ravens Publishing

‘Mom said the heart of the creed lies in the Bile Rath. That, and the family grimoire.’

Shui’s life was normal with school, crushing on Adyant, having fun with Nalini and Jay, basketball and dyslexia. It was mediocre, she craved for more. But this was before the new girl joined her class. It was still normal until one day she saw Anya sticking a pencil into the cloud without even touching it ! And then she offered to teach her how to talk to butterflies and Shui thought, “The only thing worse than being ordinary is to be mediocre; to live in the grey periphery of life, looking in, wondering what could have been if you had just stretched yourself to find greatness.”
And hence, began her journey of secrets, adventure and magic !

This book is filled with magic, adventure and more magic !
With lucid narration and beautifully developed characters The Hidden Children is a great fantasy to dive in !
The creation of a whole new world co-existing with our world, with different laws, rules, secrets, dangers and magic by the author was good but really confusing at times. It takes a good 150 pages to finally reveal that this book isn’t just about Shui realising her grace but also about the secret Anya’s been keeping to her.
Since, this is the first book, certain terms and concepts of the magical world are hard to understand and get used to. Good plot but a little confusing (at least for me).

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Thank you The Book Genie for the review copy.


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