The Rainbow Acres by Simrita Dhir.

Book- The Rainbow Acres

Author- Simrita Dhir

Pages- 287

Simrita Dhir has crafted an exquisite piece of literature. Full of love, dreams, kindness and courage, this book gives sheer pleasure of relishing varied human emotions.

To be young and in love, to dream a life of togetherness and lose it all to a storm, to your Eden being a massacre ground, to leave your motherland and embark upon a deadly voyage, to find a brother in a sea of strangers, #TheRainbowAcres is an ode to all the raw and extreme human emotions.

The characters were unfailingly kind even in the darkest of times, their unwavering faith in their soil and their preservance was extraordinarily portrayed. The narration was smooth and the flow was paced as to touch all the raw sentiments and the let the story sink in word by word. Even though two different stories with different timelines and geographical locations were simultaneously in progress, it didn’t create any confusion. The connection was superb. I liked Kishan and Sophia’s story individually as well as when they were merged together and bringing together such different stories as one was brilliantly plotted by the Author.

Love, friendship, brotherhood, migration, defying racism and class barriers, “the quest for land and identity, set against the backdrop of old Punjab, early California and revolution-torn Mexico”, escaping death, disease, hunger, poverty and near prostitution experience, #TheRainbowAcres won’t let you down even for a moment.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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