Kaikeyi- The Mother Of A God by Suresh Kala.


Book – Kaikeyi – The Mother Of A God

Author – Suresh Kala

“This life is a path of duty, and no one knows which turn is going to be their last. The only treasure we take away is the contentment that not once did we leave the path our conscience told us to follow. Let people say that human is a plaything at the hands of fate; I will not surrender to the fate till my last breath.”

She seemed an incarnation of Durga. Her body was an art of a heavenly sculptor. She was the goddess of war as said by many. She is the beautiful, valiant, daughter of king of Kaikeya, Kaikeyi. For the people who follow mythology keenly ,these virtues might be highly clouded amidst of her other emblazoned characteristics. The ancient notion of Kaikeyi being involved in quite a bit of schadenfreude when she deliberately sent lord rama to exile making her own son the emperor, is highly crushed upon reading the book: kaikeyi, the mother of a god.

The magnificent narration by the author, Suresh Kala is highly laudable. Starting from the depiction of the exceptional architecture of Ayodhya to slowly merging into the past and present circumstances and then accelerating towards the contemplation of the events, this book would definitely take you through an emotional turbulence. The elucidation of the various human relationships was methodically woven into a string whose beauty is unfathomable yet the events are so well versed that these teachings stick into your mind in a subtle manner.

The hero of the story was undeniably kaikeyi. The book never missed any chance to lionize her action validating her every move with proper precision. She was both fierce as a tide and quiet as placid lake. She set an example for every woman by conquering every arena she placed her foot onto. The story drew parallel to the shackles that bound society of Ramyug albeit the mythological significance it held. The social stigmas like casteism, patriarchy, prejudice not only prevails in today’s society but has a deep rooted history dating back to the satyuga.

This summation of this book definitely left me fangirling over this ancient mythological character who gave the true meaning of feminism in a time where women were merely considered as diamonds in the crown.


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