Mehboob Murderer

Book- Mehboob Murderer
Author- Nupur Anand
Publishers- Om Books International

“She had betrayed him.
She waited for him outside the station near Café Mehboob, far away from the prying eyes of the ticket collector. They agreed to have a cup of chai and bun maska. It all began there.”
Abbas woke up to a call informing him about the murder of 6 people unrelated to each other at Café Mehboob. Then began the hunt, the run to chase down the person behind this mass barbaric killing with a deadline of 14 days in hand. Was there a mad man on loose or was it the work of a person with some motive? Abbas’ instinct said there must be a motive and that’s when he started digging the past of those 6 dead people. Secret life of a psychotic, unknown lover in an extramarital affair, survivor of an abusive relationship with changed identity, rapist of his little granddaughters, brother who arranged clients to sleep with his sister and a blind man on a mission to catch his daughter’s murderer and a hell lot of overwhelming details is what Abbas got after going through the life of those 6 dead people and they had someone in their life who could have had the motive to kill them. But is it so easy to catch the killer? Is there really a motive behind this or is there a mad man roaming scot-free ?

In her debut novel itself @_nupuranand has undisputedly established that she’s a master storyteller. Weaving a web of mystery around the life and death of people who are unrelated to each other, carrying on the investigation story by Abbas and his team, Abbas’ personal life all has been narrated so flawlessly that the whole time you’ll be on high alert because the killer is still free and might be just there, yes, right there in the page you just read!

@_nupuranand has further very meticulously shown her skill at character development and keeping the mystery going on and having a thrill at the back of your head searching for someone/something to relate it to, I’m talking about page 151 of the book. The plot is top-notch and the execution is like the tastiest icing, cherry and all sort of beautiful decorations on the cake.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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