The Involution

Book – The Involution
Author- Vijayalatha Narayanan
Publisher – Notion Press

21 year-old Adi has been constantly dealing with adverse health conditions for more than five years now which couldn’t even be diagnosed by the doctors. But what’s more unsettling is the mysterious things happening with him. Even with such adversity in his life Adi joined college and was lucky enough to have a group of friends who he could trust and who didn’t even judge him. With time he started experiencing even more strange happenings. He became confused and was about to flip when a shape shifter came to his rescue. This new rescuer of his started explaining him all the strange and mysterious things happening with and around him and everything made sense.
Adi was gifted, gifted with senses to see and feel more than what is visible to human eye, to travel to different places leaving his body back at home, to see future, to feel the pain of others and rescue them from their misery. He has the power to travel to different dimensions, to listen to the spirits and control his senses. Adi was born with a potential to experience and do great things, to travel in space, to past, present and future.
This was indeed a thrilling read for me, although at some instances I felt bored, but it was overall a fantastic read. It was priceless how Adi’s mother, sister and friends trusted him without an ounce of judgment or thinking of him as a lunatic. What was even better was even after realizing that he has such powers, Adi never misused them or used them to harm anyone, he always tried to learn more, help more and understand everyone more.
The writing style was lucid and the narration was gripping. The characters were well formed and it felt so good connecting to them while reading, everyone was so great and that made the story even better.
Writing a fantasy with such intrinsic details is no less than building a whole new world. The research the Author has put in to write this book and form this magical and mysterious world is very clearly evident from the way she uses the descriptions for colours, shapes relating it to mythology, various Sanskrit texts, science and logic.

Rating- 4/5


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