Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic

Book- Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic

Author- Sanju Verma

Publisher- Bluerose Publishers

Pages- 260

Truth and Dare – The Modi Dynamic is well-researched and well-written book by Sanju Verma. All the policies and steps taken by the Honourable 14th Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi has been elaborately researched and exhaustively penned down by the Author.
The Honourable Prime Minister has diligently worked for the nation and almost all the steps take by him are top-notch. From improving and establishing new foreign relationships to Swachh Bharath Abhiyan he has really worked hard for the people of his country. Education, economics, healthcare, agriculture, law, environment, the Honourable Prime Minister has covered all the areas for development. And all this has been written and compared intricately and with such clarity that it shows the mastery the Author has over this topic and how well-versed he is with all the facts.
This writing style is lucid and the narration engaging. The language used is simple but the technical terms used might be difficult for few people who aren’t interested or have little or no idea about politics and current affairs. Overall it was an enlightening read.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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