Let’s know our dear Author T. Sathish a little better.

1. Describe yourself for your readers.

Sathish: I am a typical fun loving person, but can be quite introspective from time to time. Those are the times I tend to be introverted. Otherwise, I am always ready for a chat. I am an avid reader and a big cricket and tennis fan. I love to discuss eclectic topics and its impact on our regular life.

2. How has been your journey as a writer, i.e., while writing the book, finding a publisher and now after it has been published ?

Sathish: The journey has been excellent so far. While writing the book, it was a closed affair, where I spent most the time with myself, thinking and researching. Once I started the hunt for publishers, I had to get out and interact with various editors and related folks. After publishing, the external interaction has grown exponentially. I had to get on various social media to promote the book. I had to get in touch with Bookstagrammers to get their feedback on the book. I think I made many more acquaintances in this short period that I have ever made in my life!

3. What/Who inspired you to write this book ?

Sathish: Cricket as a sport has been my big passion. I write cricket columns on a website named I used to have my own blog as well. Writing about Cricket has always been a part of my life. Additionally, it struck me when I was reading a Sherlock Holmes story that I should also pen a fiction story. I wanted to be like Watson, writing about my passionate friend, Cricket.

4.How has your life changed after being an Author ?

Sathish: Life hasn’t changed much, to be honest. Writing and publishing the book has given me confidence that I can be a writer as well. So, it has shown me an additional path in my life to pursue.

5. What was the first thing you did with your royalty money ?

Sathish: It is such a tiny amount that I cried looking at it!!

6.How do you react when you get a bad review ?

Sathish: I do not believe that there is a bad book. As long as the book has no grammar or spelling errors, I consider every book as good. If someone gives a bad review because my book is poorly produced with typos and grammatical issues, then I will be upset. A writer should not publish a book without proper editing.
However, if the review is bad because the story did not jive with the reader or the characters did not gel well with him/her, I take it as part of the job. It is just an opinion of an individual.
I got some nasty reviews for my book Life in the Sunshine as well. But, I took it in the spirit of someone voicing their opinion.

7. And the last question, do you ever Google yourself ?

Sathish: Plenty of times!

I had loads of fun while reading the book and interacting with T. Sathish Thank you so much for sparing some time out of your busy schedule for this amusing interview. ❤️


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