Runaway Vagabond

Book- Runaway Vagabond

Author- Sriza Ghosh

Publisher- Bluerose Publishers

Pages- 175

The Dutta family of Kolkata was like any other normal family, content with their life, living happily together, enjoying the life through ups and downs. This family of five like any other person in Kolkata waited for Durga Puja. Every year they would enjoy all the Puja days but never went to the Grand Durga Immersion at the Ganges. But that year, Mr. & Mrs. Dutta gave in to their daughters’ request and went to the immersion. But what happens next would change the Dutta household forever, something’s about to happen that nobody can ever be ready for !
From a 16 year old girl who spent her days happily with her family to a girl who executed a cold-blooded murder and ended up at a brothel, Snigdha Dutta’s life took all drastic turns.


This is such a heart-breaking story, beautifully narrated with lucid writing style. The way a perfect family is destroyed shows how unfathomable life is. How any minute your life can change.
And that nobody can love you the way your parents. I repeat, nobody. The way they don’t think before sacrificing for you, they love you selflessly, no matter where or how they are, their kids are always in their mind. And before it’s late, stop taking them for granted. Understand their value and cherish each moment.
And nobody can be a better friend than a sibling. To put it simply, nothing can ever replace the selfless love and care shown by one’s family.
The characters feel so real, the events feel so live. The story is an absolute read.
I wish it was a bit longer, with more pages , so that certain events could have been expressed with more details.
The turn of events was well executed but there wasn’t much mystery and certain parts were quite predictable.
I didn’t like the way the Duttas were shown as racists. And I really liked how bits and pieces of Snigdha’s past connected to her present.
Albeit the title of the story kind of relates to it, but doesn’t fully justify it. A story like this should have been given a better title.


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