Beyond a Mysterious Journey

Book- Beyond a Mysterious Journey (Spirits of Time Book- 1)
Author- Madhuparna Suman
Pages- 158

Beyond a Mysterious Journey is a story about a couple Nandini and Neelkand who trapped in the monotonicity of their regular life, decided to take a trip to Georgia to rekindle their relationship.
While enjoying their vacation, a trip to an abandoned castle changed their life forever. The couple gets caught in a series of supernatural events and to save Nadini, Neelkand has to follow what the guide says !

✍️ The Author was creative with the plot but the execution was not good.

✍️ The narration was immature and requires improvement.

✍️ There were lots and lots of spelling and grammatical errors. Proofreading is highly recommend.

✍️ The characters weren’t well developed and didn’t connect. . .

✍️ The pace of narration was okay.

✍️ There were very few good parts and the depiction of real life issues were good.

✍️ There were lots of information about Georgia and those were very well used in the story.

Rating- 🌟🌟/5

Thank you The Book Genie for the review copy.


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