The Chapter Black


Book: The Chapter Black: Scandalous Secrets Of The Scars.

Author: Bursha Rahamani

Pages: 243

Lost her father at the border.

Lost her mother to an ailment.

Lost her innocence to her Uncle’s abuse.

Lost her beautiful face to acid attack.

Lost her sister God knows where.

And her boyfriend, Arzan, who has been by her side like a guardian angel through all these, refuses to recognize her at the hospital. Is she hallucinating or is this for real ?

The Chapter Black by Bursha Rahamani is a gruesome tale of hatred, envy, hunger for authority and misplaced anger resulting in sexual assault, physical and mental abuse and acid attack.

After their father’s death Alishbah and Inayah lived a content life with their mother. Until one fateful day these girls lost their mother and their Uncle Zafar landed in their lives and caused unfathomable havoc .

But who attacked Alishbah with acid and why ?

Are Alishbah and Inayah going to spend their whole life being tortured ?

Is Zafar going to live his life as an undisputed King of #Alishbah and #Inayah ?

✍️ Everything in the book was a surprise. From the very first page to the last page it was unpredictable.

✍️ This book is filled with mystery but you gotta keep patience because the arrangement of chapters and narration is a bit confusing at first.

✍️ A lot of events were unnecessarily described at a stretch.

✍️ Some events which required the attention and description were abruptly put to an end.

✍️ Out of all the characters, only few were properly developed. The portrayal of Alishbah, Inayah and Zephayra’s character as strong women was amazing.

✍️ This book is undoubtedly emotional and you’ll have a great time discovering human nature. The book showed how some people can stake their lives to save yours and some other people can ruin your life just because, you know, they were envious of someone related to you.

Congratulations to Bursha Rahamani on touching such sensitive issues with abundant emotions in her debut novel.

This book hasn’t just touched the sensitive issues like acid attack and sexual assault but also shows the unfiltered face of today’s society. The degrading human values, inhumane nature, judgments based on looks, molestation at every other step, lack of empathy towards fellow human beings are portrayed very well.

P.S.- I would have loved to describe more about the book but that would give away all the elements of mystery and surprise.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

I received a copy of this through the Book Genie Review Program.


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