Written In The Stars


Book- Written In The Stars

Author- Aisha Saeed

Pages- 320

Edition- Ebook

💫No review or blurb can ever describe how precious this book is. Written In The Stars by Aisha Saeed is a masterpiece and I regret coming across it so late. I treasure this piece of writing. 320 pages filled with intense emotion about such face of society that’ll send chills down your spine.

A gripping tale of the horrible face of society veiled with ‘love’ has been amazingly penned down by the author.

I doubt if I would ever come across a teenage couple as strong, determined and true like Naila and Saif. In a world where envy, hatred, revenge has started dominating emotions, where every relationship is measured with profit and loss, a teenage couple being so mature and true to each other and surviving all odds together, not letting down the trust and hope on each other to be shaken even for a moment is so so rare and praiseworthy.

💫 Since Naila was a kid her parents have fed her with the view that ‘she can choose which shoes and clothes she wants to wear, which course she wants to take up, she can do whatever she wants to do, but she is forbidden from choosing her husband’ because you know what ? Marrying someone whom her parents didn’t choose would bring shame to her family.

How serious are Naila’s parents about this view ?

Even she didn’t know, until they caught her with her boyfriend Saif at last prom of school.

Are they gonna punish her by just locking her up ? Or are they gonna do something barbaric ?

But they’re parents, right ? They love her, right ?

Do you deceive, drug and abuse your own child just because she fell in love with a guy ?

Oh yes, they did !

Forced marriage.
Marital rape.
Fear of honour killing.

As much as I want to write about each page of this book, like the author I also want everyone to read this book. I want everyone to be caught off guard by the raw emotions of this book like I did.

💫 After reading this book, realizations started overflowing. How people get so much affected by society, how society has some bizzare norms . Who set these rules and regulations, who asked us to follow them ? In a world which is developing at such a fast pace, there are places where people are subjected to such torture and are restricted from enjoying their own life. There are places people aren’t even granted their basic fundamental rights ! What pleasure does society get from torturing someone by imposing their definition of high standard and culture ?

This makes me think how all kind of crimes are heinous but how do we label a crime done by parents on their own children ? Is there any word that can describe such horrifying situation ?

💫 Simple yet strong writing.

💫 Although set in Pakistan, the author hasn’t commented on any religion. (Because crime and criminals don’t have any religion.)

💫 All the characters are formed very well.

💫 You won’t even find a single page unnecessary.

💫 Sequence of events are given the appropriate time they need and nothing is dragged.

💫 I couldn’t find a single thing to criticize.

💫 Incase you’re scared of coming across such deep emotions ending on a heartbreak, then rejoice people, it’s a happy ending.

💫 I loved it.

Rating- Only if I could rate it more than 5 !


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