A Hiccup in Love by Nivedita Vedurla.

Book – A Hiccup in Love.

Author – Nivedita Vedurla.

Pages – 211

A Hiccup in Love by Nivedita Vedurla might not be something out of the box or a unique story, but it sure talks about some common yet terrible crisis people go through.
Marriage, motherhood, starting up a new venture, giving up on career to take care of family, identity crisis, ups and downs of life, infidelity, divorce and what not !
These might not seem huge, written here in my post, but boy, they bring gigantic twists and turns to the person’s life who goes through any of these.
Our protagonist Eshita had a picture perfect life. Got married to her college lover Arjun, both struggled and succeeded in their new venture of a financial start-up, had a wonderful baby boy Harshit, earned money, got a beautiful house and happy family.
But was everything as great as it looked ?
It was great when Eshita took charge of her life, went ahead and dared to achieve her dream, take care of her family and still work from her was something I appreciated a lot. The impact of infidelity on your partner is harder than you can ever imagine. It’s even terrible when you’re a family, have a kid together. The betrayal, the emotional trauma, a child’s dilemma watching his parents and his life falling apart, was very well portrayed in the book, I really liked the writing style and narration. The characters were just great. But a lot of scenes felt quite dragged. Even though the message in the book was nice, it was quite predictable and ordinary. It was a one time read for me.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟.5/5


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