Book- Wild World ~ The Adventure Of Bali and Bhola
Author- Deepak Arora @deep.ache_
Publishers- Srishti Publications @srishtipub
Pages- 192

With degrading environmental conditions, rising temperature, frequent cyclones and famines, global warming, animals getting extinct, forests getting depleted, the world is definitely not becoming a better place to live.
With the rise in extreme conditions like this the Author has tried to do his part in educating our future generation to save what’s left of their fore father’s greed. Wild World is a story about how a person veiled as protector is the annihilator of animals and their habitat. This book shows how greedy and insensitive the humans have become and how inhumane their behavior has become towards animals. It further shows how the jungle full of different animals take it upon themselves to save their habitat and the last alive member of the tiger family.

The Author has done a brilliant job at not just addressing one of the most important and grave issues of our time but also executing it in the best way possible so that it could impart lessons to our future generations, to teach them the importance of maintaining the balance in biodiversity and treating every living being humanely and with compassion, to respect nature and let it be safe and at peace the way we are in our homes. The writing style was really good and the narration was definitely attractive. The illustrations sure made it a fun read. There was humour, serious situations, drama, adventure and all of this made it a perfect story where you have fun and you learn. Absolutely recommend.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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