Musings And More

Book- Musings and More
Author- Gunjan Shah
Publisher- Bluerose Publishers
Pages- 30

The Author talks about how unpredictable our life is, that how important it is to live our life to the fullest every moment, the promise of a lover to be there for his love, of nightmares and of one-sided love, of a lost friend and his poetic affair and a lot more that we can relate to. The poems are written in both Hindi and English. These poems are made up of a journey of long lost emotions, of longing and of love, of destruction and the need to live and love. I quite liked the Hindi poems and I believe the English poems were quite simple and could have been executed better. Overall, it was an one time short read.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟.5

A conversation with Gunjan Shah, author of Musings and more, published by Bluerose Publishers.

1. Tell us about yourself: Based in Mumbai, I am a 21 year old Mass Media Graduate, who is looking forward to making his name in the Field of Content Writing, Technology Journalism and Music. I am currently pursuing M.A in Communication and Journalism from Kishinchand Chellaram College, Mumbai, and planning to pursue further education in the field of Music Production and Composition from UK or USA. It can be stated that I breathe on Music, consume the latest and the greatest about tech everyday, and write and create content as my daily cycle of work.

2. If not being an author, what was your dream in life: Everything that I currently do are connected to each other and provide me with some or the other option to do something productive in my life, such as Music, as with Music, I am able to connect to a mass audience with the help of something that seems to be a talent for them, but is only natural to me, as I love to be around people who learn, practice and create music, which in the process also makes me learn, practice and create some music of my own. Similar is the case with Journalism or Content writing, the niche that I work on is something that I have been practising and working on so much that now all of it feels like a habit, and one so important that it seems lonely without all of it. So when it comes to my dream in life besides being an author, then my dream is to continue doing all the stuff that I do, and while doing so, someday earn my name in those fields somewhere down the line in future.

3. Who do you attribute your success to: There is a long list when it comes to speaking of the people who I attribute my success to, but to cut it short, I attribute my success to my elder Brother the most as he always helped me achieve what I never could, though sometimes through some tougher options, and also helping me with the monetary requirements, then I would attribute my success to my Parents and my Family, as it was only due to their constant belief in me and the support that they always gave me, that I am what I am right now, in all the things that I am doing in my life. My friends have also played a strong a constant role in my entire journey, so they also deserve to be attributed to my success as it was due to their constant taunts and neglections that I could produce the best possible version of my work. And lastly, I would like to attribute my success to all the people, events and things that were a part of my life, as it was only due to all that, that I am a Published author, and I had inspiration and reason to create content for the book.

4. Any Message you would like to give to your readers: Everyone is not as lucky as I feel right now, there are bunches of youngsters and even some people from the older generations who regret it as they couldn’t continue to learn, practice or showcase their art at the right time due to family, peer and social pressure. Being lucky to have a supporting family, peer group, and society, I feel it is of utmost importance, that no matter what faculty you are studying or what profession you are pursuing, you should never kill away your dreams ad hobbies, you should always take out sometime and indulge yourself in stuff that you love to do, it is the best moral support and the best feeling that can be experienced. And to the parents that might read, Please Stop Pushing your kids into a race for the best profession, in the modern world, there is no such thing as the Best Profession, every profession is unique and special in its own way, and is incomparable to the other counterparts. Just know that, in your pushing your child into a race of the best profession, be it because of your own will, peer pressure or due to social pressure, you also kill an aspiring artist, or a dreamer just because you think that it’s not the best profession, who knows, 20 years down the line, if you had supported your child in the hobbies that he/she had and let them focus to make their hobbies into a career, they would have turned out to be the best in Business! Thank You!

5. Who or What inspired you to write the Book: To be honest, there are loads and loads of places, people or instances that can give you inspiration to do anything and everything in the world, right from resolving to lose weight upto fighting for what is right. So is the case with me, my Book “Musings and More” is an anthology of Hindi and English poems, and it has been inspired by many things such as mere thoughts of the end of the world, my friends, the society around me, etc, etc. thus for my book as well as everything else in the world, every moment, every thing, every thought, and every person can prove to be an inspiration to make a change or create something extraordinary.


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