What Did Tashi Do ?

Book- What Did Tashi Do ?
Author- Anangsha Alammyan
Pages- 82

Stalking is a punishable offence in our country, yet movies and songs have romanticized stalking to such an extent where the ultimate message delivered is ‘stalking your love interest on social media, places of regular visit, neighborhood, office, college will eventually lead her to fall in love with you, sleep with you and elope with you if her family is against the relationship.’ Absolute blockbuster performance! Movies and social media have far more impact on the mind of people than we can think!

Tashi Chotten was leading a peaceful life with her mother until one day when she received an email from an unknown sender. One look at the attached files and she could feel her whole life crashing into million pieces. In front of her lay the digital images of her naked self, pouting seductively, in possession of some psychotic stranger who was all set to control her life and blackmail her day in and day out.He stalked her everywhere and to such an extent that she didn’t even feel safe in her own house. Who could be this stranger? Did she know him? Most importantly, how on earth did he get those pictures.

Reading what emotional turmoil Tashi went through would send shivers in your whole body and the way @anangsha_ has narrated it will break your heart to see a fellow human suffering such abuse by another human.Tbh, this made me think ‘are we really humans’? What sadistic pleasure does a man get from posing as a torch bearer of morality and torturing another human? Another issue addressed by the Author is how people take it on their ego on breaking up of a relationship and harm their ex-partners. The language used, the narration, the beautiful portrayal of support by family and friends, the total cooperation of Police and Cyber Cell to help Tashi and how Tashi rose above her trauma and finally led a beautiful life made the book a memorable one.

It was beautiful how @anangsha_ delivered the message that no matter what your family is going to support you, your true friends will add to your strength and more than anything you should always have confidence and fight for your own justice.


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