A Blind Man’s Bluff by Arun George.

#bookreviewBook – A Blind Man’s Bluff
Author – Arun George
Pages – 261A Blind Man’s Bluff by Arun George is one amazing thriller !I’d rather not discuss the plot because any revelation would tone down the excitement this book is gonna give you ! So, to say, pick this up and you’ll be on a rollercoaster ride and kind of exhausted guessing who’s the bad man !This book will make you believe how scary can a person’s mind be. You might think you know someone really well, but what’s in their mind, what they think, is so uncertain that it’s unnerving. Because one might be confessing that they are very much in love with you, but would be plotting your end in their mind. Wicked, isn’t it ?The flow and the mystery stays throughout the story, the characters are multilayered and their minds, sick ! I really appreciate how the author never gave away the mystery and just revealed what was necessary at the moment. Although a lot of guessing is left to the readers and quite a lot of events is a bit exhausting, it’s one enjoyable read. And trust me, you’re gonna breath a sigh of relief when the book ends, but is it really the end ?Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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