Author Interview of Jeena R. Papaadi for Shadows of the Past.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I am a mother and a writer, never quite figured out which comes first. Everything else is secondary.

2. When did you find your calling in writing? Did you always aspire to be a Writer ?

As far as I remember, being a writer wasn’t on my list of goals. I used to scribble in my teenage (poems and stories, without ever considering them as ‘writing’), but took care not to show those ‘creations’ to anyone. A year or so later, I would tear most of them apart because I thought they were silly. I wrote my diary daily for a few years, which also met with the same fate. I came back to writing when I was around thirty; this time I was more serious about it, and ready to call myself a writer.

3. How did you compile such unusual and unique stories ? Experience, imagination or both ?

Thank you. I am sure a bit of everything goes into what we create: who we are, where we come from, what we have been taught, what or who inspires us, what we observe around us and so on.

4. Which according to you is better in terms of writing, short stories, novella or novel ?

That’s a tough question. Each of these involves hard work and dedication. A novel may take years to finish, so it demands more effort and discipline from our side. Sometimes it gets so tiring we just want to stop and toss the whole thing away – and it is difficult to rediscover our original motivation. In that sense, a short story may be ‘easier’, because it can be finished (if we really put our heart to it) in a shorter duration. But short stories also demand hard work and discipline from the author; creating a story from nothing is not ‘easy’. There are short stories that took me years to finish.

5. Do you believe in “Among Us” ? Because I for sure am looking for one “Among us” after reading your story and of course for a “Ghost under the bed”.

I am glad to hear that!

6. Which is your favorite story from the book ?

Another tough question. Every story I write is like my baby – and a mother can’t choose one baby over another, can she??

7. Are you planning or already working on anything new ? Is it going to be a short story or a novel ?

I am working on a novel, my fourth (though only one has been published so far). However, because it is a time-consuming activity, there are days when I am inspired to write a short story. A change from routine keeps me sane.

8. Are you an avid reader yourself? What is your go to genre?

I read around 40-50 books a year. Except for romance and horror, I read anything I can get my hands on, including non-fiction. I have a long to-read list on my Goodreads that keeps growing.

9. Do you have any quirky writing habit ?

I make notes all over the place: sometimes on my phone, sometimes on my laptop, and sometimes on a random piece of paper lying around. A few days later, I go nuts trying to figure out where I had jotted down that “very important plot point”. I might find it eventually but so much time would be wasted over it. These days I try to be more careful, but am not always successful.

10. Any message for your readers ?

If you like my books, do let the world know. There is nothing like word-of-mouth publicity.


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