The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani.

Book- The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family (The Guardians of the Lore Book 1)

Author – Dipa Sanatani

Pages – 174

Amusing. Enthralling. Enlightening. Brilliant.

“In the Universe,” Dag says, “every crossroads is predetermined. The choice is not. I know the tale that will come to pass with each choice, but I do not know which choice will be made.”

Dipa Sanatani’s “The Little Light” is one of a kind, it’s a masterpiece. Never has Astrology been such an easy, logical and beguiling subject for me to read. Time and again I have tried to read and understand the cosmic family that rules different aspects of my life , zodiac signs, horoscope, and in general Astrology, but have always failed, miserably, in doing so, because I found it complex.
True talent is when the expert simplifies his/her field of study in such a way that a layman feels at ease learning the subject. And Dipa Sanatani is truly talented.

I love the book because it gives logical yet light and human-like representation of the cosmic world, planets and stars and their effect on each person’s life. Each and every line in the book is so worth reading. The idea that even though our life is already planned out, is predestined; the roads that’ll lead us to our fate is still in our hands, was very comforting and uplifting. Reading about our lives being inevitably planned even before our existence in the material world, yet getting positive vibes from realising it, needs some serious plotting and writing skills on the Author’s part. After reading about how each and every characteristic I possess is governed by a superior power, how my strengths and weaknesses were already installed like some softwares in me, I didn’t feel constricted even for a moment, because at the same time, I knew, no matter what my fate is, I still have the choice to choose the path that leads up to it. And it’s pretty satisfying and empowering I tell you, to have it all planned yet have the option to lead yourself as you please towards that goal.

Trust me, you should read this book.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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