That Thing About You.


Book- That Thing About You
Author- Abhaidev
Publisher- Write India
Pages- 240

“One day you’ll realize that the best kind of love is the one that results in the profoundest level of melancholy….. It’s a privilege to feel sad because of love. For it means the love has served it’s purpose. As it evoked the emotions in is that we were never ready for.”

Subodh has always been pointed out as an immature and indisciplined man by everyone, but he started taking these remarks seriously when he overheard his love interest ruling out any possibility of relationship with him because of these habits of his.

Devasted by such a revelation he started acting aloof and that’s when he came across a voice so sweet and it’s presence so relaxing that he found a confidant in this supposedly formless woman. But who does this voice belong to ? Was he really hearing it or just hallucinating ? .

The plot is fresh, new and a lot of time insightful too ! The characters were realistic and their beautiful portrayal strengthened the whole story.
This book is enthralling and has got a soothing touch to it. It’ll draw you towards it slowly and then gently push you into the depth, making you think about the deepest aspects of life, keeping you calm yet making you chuckle at a lot of instances. The narration maintains an element of surprise that you’d like to discover and enjoy the journey as well.
The vocabs used makes the narration quite classy and everything just fits right in place. Not even a single thing feels over- imposed.
Although there were very few grammatical errors towards the end, it was still amsuing and made me feel estatic. Overall a really good read. .
Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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