One Precious Moment by Ritu Kakar.


Book – One Precious Moment
Author – Ritu Kakar
Pages – 144

What makes a difference in an ordinary plot is the narration.How well it connects with the reader to leave an impact even though the reader happens to have read the same kind of story before. And Ritu Kakkar has done a brilliant job at connecting with the readers, narration is definitely her forte.

The way the story begins and slowly builds up with all the personal touch has a huge impact when there is a major grief scene coming up in the story. All the bonds that’s built in the course of time while reading the book actually makes you go through the torment alongwith the characters. Life is going to happen, fate is going to knock you down, but it’s you who decides if you want to face the storm and rise beyond it or just get washed away in that sudden gush of life.

What’s even more appealing is the tasteful portrayal of mental health, loss, the importance of accepting the situation in order to grow out of any suffering, the care, love and patience needed to deal with a person who’s suffering any kind of mental health issues. I absolutely loved all the characters and the attachment between them. Although I felt Abishek’s character could have got a little more story. The pace of the story was good but I wish there was a little more elucidation towards the end, since that felt kind of hasty.

Overall I enjoyed the story and it was quite an overwhelming read for me.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


2 thoughts on “One Precious Moment by Ritu Kakar.

  1. I’ll definitely give this book a read. From your post it touches on important stuff like mental health which I find very sensitive and important to talk about.
    Must read 💯💚


    1. This was such an emotional read for me. Losing a loved one in a jiffy is utterly terrifying and the process of recovering from such a huge shock needs great deal of care, love and patience from family and friends is a blessing. This book touches all these points. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Let me know if you read and want to discuss. 🤗❤️


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