The Red Line by Tanmay Dubey


Book – The Red Line
Author – Tanmay Dubey
Publisher – Leadstart Publishing

This is one of the most amazing books I’ve read till date ! What an amazing narration and an even more startling plot !

When Rakesh Kumar, a senior officer in the Ministry of Defense does, everyone thinks of it as a natural death, Delhi Police SHO Hanumant Shastri believes it to be a murder. Trying to prove his gut feeling right, he and his junior Azhar Ansari start digging up everything related to Rakesh Kumar and stumble upon evidences, people and circumstances that could inflict far-reaching damages than just one murder. With n number of twists and turns, every character masked with layers of truth hidden beneath, corruption at the higher ups and very least people to trust, this is one hell of a thriller !

The Author’s narration and writing style is way too amazing. The precision with which the whole story is written with all the intricate details is hands down skyscraping. The way the suspense is maintained till the end made the book a nail-biting read ! And oh wow, the characters. I loved each one of them and the fact that Hanumant Shashtri is inspired from a real character (oh yes, I interviewed the Author and got to know a lot about him and the book. I’ve posted the interview too !) and the story itself being a fictional representation of one such big attack in India makes the read another level awesome. I immensely enjoyed reading this book and totally recommend it.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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