Author Interview of Tanmay Dubey for The Red Line.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I work as a Book Writing Coach, Work Life Balance coach and take Industry Readiness Seminars in Colleges. I am also a fitness enthusiast and have completed 30 half marathons and 5 full Marathons including Sydney, Amsterdam and Geneva International Marathons. I am also first Indian Fiction Author to complete IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon in Port Macquire Australia

2. You’ve mentioned in your book that this story has been inspired by some real life situations you have come across. Can you please enlighten your readers about those situations ?

India Pakistan war in 1972 , BRAHMOS missile launch are few of the Real life incidents that I have written about in the book..

3. Of all the characters in your book, has anyone been formed inspired by real life ?

Hanumant Shastri the main lead in the book is inspired by a real life person who worked in police department

4. Your book has been really well-written and well-researched. How long did you take to research and write the book with such precision ?

I interviewed people from Ministry of Defence, read various reports and new paper articles related to the events that I was writing about. I almost researched for 6-8 months before I started to write the book

5. Are you currently writing any other book ? If so, what is it about ?

I am writing a self-help book with another first-time author P Raghuraman. The book will be talking about essential qualities that you must develop to become a Super Sales Personnel

6. Do you have any unique or quirky writing habit ?

I like to listen to Bollywood music while writing 😊

7. How has been your journey as a writer?

It has been one of the most fascinating journey of my life. Life has not failed to surprise me even once after I became a writer. “The look of admiration” that I get from most of the people is what I respect and enjoy most

8. Any message for your readers ?

They should answer the WHY first before they want to become an author. When The WHY is in place, then they should have full confidence and faith in their skills and should create there own style. Every book fill its reader !


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