The Temple Stop


Book- The Temple Stop
Author- @authorharindercheema
Publisher- @bluerose_publishers

*Have you heard #VeMahi and #TeriMitti songs from #21Kesaris ? This book for most part is going to make you feel the way those songs did.*

“Much sweat, blood, tear and toil go in giving birth to one’s own flesh and blood. The saplings had taken their share.”

No act can be compared with the act of selflessness, valour and patriotism shown by the soldiers. They leave their families, loved ones and lives behind, so that we can be safe with ours. They leave the comfort of their homes, their parents love and care, their beloved’s company and their children’s growing up years. The sacrifice of their parents and wives are unfathomable and beyond the human threshold for pain. Only God knows what are they made up of because for sure flesh and bone cannot bear even an ounce of what they have to go through !
Author Harinder Cheema has given her best efforts to let her readers have a peek at the life of a soldier and his family. And I can’t thank her enough for writing such a serene story. Her narration pulls at the raw strings of our hearts creating a whirlwind of emotions.
This tale of Yodha, Perneet and their kids Veer and Veeran will make you bawl like a baby. The Author’s narration will make you confront the pain of separation, the undescribable contentment of reunion and the void created at the death of a loved one at such soaring levels that everytime you see, hear, read or think about a soldier your heart will be filled with pride more than ever ! The characters were absolutely great and they gave life to the plot. I loved reading this book and I totally recommend it.

Rating- I wish I could give it more than 5 stars ! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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