Author Interview of Harinder Cheema for The Temple Stop.


@authorharindercheema has done an absolutely brilliant job with her book and The Temple Stop is a must read if you haven’t read it yet !

It was a pleasure reading your book and interviewing you Ma’am, @authorharindercheema. All the best for your future endeavors. Hope to read more from you.

1.Introduce yourself to the readers.

I am a writer, a poet, a motivational speaker and author of the book called The Temple Stop. On personal front I am the wife of an Air Force officer.

2.How is life as an Air Force officer’s wife?

Life as an Air Force officer’s wife has been a journey where I have seen so many places, met so many people, made so many friends, lived so many experiences and faced so many challenges. And as a result of all this, I have become a strong individual that I am today.

3.What/ Who inspired you to write The Temple Stop?

I wanted to draw people’s attention to the fact that it is not only the soldiers who make sacrifices while serving the nation but also their families .

4. The Temple Stop is absolutely an overwhelming read. How difficult was it to pen down such an emotional story?

Since you have read it and felt the emotions, let me tell you that when I went through it after completing it, l myself could not control my emotions. The experience has been wonderful and cathartic.

5. Who was your favorite character from The Temple Stop?

I love all my characters but Perneet is very close to my heart since her character reflects my thoughts and it is through her agency, I have tried to convey that values and virtues are not just old fashioned words. A meaningful life is a life well lived.

6. What hobbies do you pursue?

I love swimming, reading, going for long walks, listening to music and travelling and exploring new places.

7. Do you have any quirky writing habit?

I get up at any time of the night and start writing and then it just carries on till dawn.

8. I loved reading your book. Where can I find more of your work?

Soon you will get to read a book on my poems and I am going to start working on my next novel.

9. Which is your go to genre?

Both poetry and fiction.

10. How has life been as an author?

Life is beautiful! More so because people are loving my work, inviting me for events and motivational lectures and also connecting with me through various social media platforms.

11. Any message for the readers.
I would like to urge my readers to pursue their dreams passionately and patiently.


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