The Tree Of Values

Book- The Tree Of Values
Author- Deepa Iyer
Publisher- Notion Press
Pages- 68

The Tree Of Values is a children’s book with a collection of 15 short stories with the central idea of teaching morals at the end of the story.

We’re in a world where there’s more vice than value, where people are getting more selfish day by day, where the value of honesty and integrity are ignored, greed and immorality is on rise.

All the 15 stories through the stories explain the importance of having good character, having faith in God, respecting and caring for our elders, how much our parents work to nurture and care for us, the value of a teacher in our life, using our presence of mind, being positive, trying to help everyone and refrain from hurting anyone, the importance of being humble and kind, accepting the good and the bad, and the value of punctuality, integrity, honesty, patience and forgiveness.

Kids are like moulds, they get the shape based on how you design them. It’s very important to teach and learn these basic things that help us keep our heart, mind and soul clean.

There are a lot of moral based stories for kids in the market, but what makes this one different ? These stories are very different than other moral based stories I had read earlier, and from the conversation with the Author, I got to know these stories are based on her own experience.With simple yet beautiful illustrations, the short stories are impactful.These are very simple and easy to read and the narration is smooth. The writing is such that it can be used for role plays hence, helping the kids learn better. This is a must read for kids.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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