Interview Of Deepa Iyer, Author Of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor.

Deepa Iyer is the Author of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor. It was so much fun both reading the books and interviewing the Author.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I’m a nature lover, endowed with creativity and balance… probably because I’m a Libran. While I’m really spiritual, I enjoy painting, decorating, music, reading etc. Anything creative is therapeutic for me.

2. Both your books, The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor give beautiful life lessons and morals. Do you think it’s just the kids or the adults too need to be taught morals and lessons ?

(Laughs) Thanks. It’s always easier to shape young minds.

3. How do you think we can impart knowledge about good values, the need to be kind and thoughtful to kids at a younger age ?

A. Several ways actually. Books is an obvious medium. I would think narrating experiences from real life is very effective and so are role plays. Walking the talk is important since kids learn by emulating.

4. Do you think reading stories with morals and everyday life lessons would help kids learn better ?

A. Surely. As I already said, it’s one of the ways.

5. Why do you think people grow up and forget all the values they have been taught and become wayward ?

A. Our values are the guiding principles of our life.
They guide us to reflect and make the right decisions. If these values are not imbibed well, circumstances and peer pressure etc. can get the better of the individual and drive one to take wrong/ unethical decisions.

6. What inspired you to write two Children’s book ?

A. My daughter. (Laughs) Once, I was generally mulling over the values that I want to inculcate in my daughter.These were some of the values that flashed across my mind, along with these experiences. That was it…the content flowed easily and I just had to capture them all on paper. Thus, The Tree Of Values was born.

7. What expectations do you have from your books ?

A. Well, by now you would have realized that I place lot of importance on values. Most of the problems that we are seeing or facing in this world today, mostly,stem from weak values and/or morals. I feel a strong urge to address this right at the root level. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s citizens.So it’s important to nurture and nourish these young minds. I sincerely wish and hope to reach out to as many kids as possible through these books.

8. Out of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor, which one do you like the best.

A) Well, difficult to choose. While both the books convey values, The Tree Of Values drives home the message through real life experiences. On the other hand, who can ever ignore the bubbly and naughty Krishna, whose incarnation is full of lessons on leading a virtuous life, at the very least and that’s my Makhan Chor!

9. How has been your journey as a writer ?

A. It’s been quite fulfilling and exciting. It was quite a satisfying moment, when a 8 year old girl, approached me at a playground and said, “ Aren’t you the author of The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor?” Since that day, she’s my biggest fan. Nothing can be more motivating for a writer.

10. Are you planning to write more Children’s book or are you going to change the genre ?

A. Hopefully.

11. Any message for your readers ?

A. I’m full of gratitude for those readers, who have already embraced my writings and take lot of pleasure in promoting my books. My request to all the readers is to make the most of these books by giving it to your children to read or reading it to them. Most of the stories in The Tree Of Values, can also be enacted as a short drama, which makes it fun and easier to absorb the message. Enjoy The Tree Of Values and Makhan Chor, Krishnavataram for Millennials. Thanks.


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