Book- IN.KRE.DIA – Luwan Of Brida
Author- Sarang Mahajan
Publishers- Gloryburg
Pages- 383

In the vast empire of Inkredia, Brida is a beautiful village in the hills where people live terror stricken because of the vile Lord Gruwak. It all began when Luwan declined to give taxes to Lord Gruwak’s men, at least that’s what it seemed like until they sensed a bigger plot of conspiracies.

You just name it and the book has it all, adventure, kind strangers, a friend who could give his life for another friend, siblings who unconditionally love and care for each other and, prophecies, old lady living in a tree, family heirloom with a deadly secret, a book which guides, creatures whose thought would turn your flesh into ashes like Ghorks, Ghork Riders, Scaburns, Monfrit, Smokeman, Wallspirit, Hounds, Sorcerer and some unknown spirit.

Breathtakingly vivid descriptions of the beautiful lands among the hills, characters that’ll make you fall in love with them, out of the world action packed adventures, plot twists, magic, magic and magic !
I undisputedly loved this book. I loved Kiliarn, Snow and Blaze, I adore Luwan and Meg’s bond, I honour Narjo and above all I applaud and appreciate the Author writing such a magnificent fantasy ! Everything about this book is so incredibly mysterious and the narration sure made it a gripping read. I loved each and everything about this and I cannot honestly wait to read the next part.

If you haven’t read this book and then please, please read it !


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