Hippocratic Oath Or Hypocricy? Doctors at Crossroads.

Book- Hippocratic Oath Or Hypocricy? Doctors at Crossroads.
Author- Anita Bakshi
Publisher- Sage Publications
Pages- 204

“I go near the bed and see him, so perfect in his body but so flawed in its functioning. God’s ironies are not for us to question.
I reach out for that plug.”
Dr. Anita Bakshi, the Author of this book, is a prcatising Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. In this book she speaks about the profession of Medicine, that how greatly respected that profession was and still is but she also throws light on the changing Doctor-Patient relationship. She talks about the time when there weren’t much life saving technologies or drugs and the doctors’ struggles to save their patients and then she talks about how everything developed but there weren’t enough hands to care. This book is extremely well-written and the narration is immensely beautiful.What makes this book an even more amusing read are the numerous anecdotes from Dr.Anita Bakshi’s life. She talks about how the patients put a great deal of hope and faith in them, how much they respect the doctors. However, over the years, this relationship between doctors and patients has suffered a lot. And this deteriorating doctor-patient realtionship in our country, India is of serious concern. Every other day there’s news about doctors and not for all the good reason. In this book, Dr.Bakshi has used her experience of 3 decades, from a medical student to an experienced paediatrician, providing an insider’s view to highlight serious issues- demanding patients, prescribing of unnecessary investigations, hospitals run like business, the roles of big pharmaceutical industries and so on from the point of view of both doctors and patients. This book doesn’t just shows the sinking doctor- patient relationship but also the hardships and struggles being a medical student and then a doctor brings into a person’s life, the immense pressure they are constantly subjected to, no routine life, call for duty at any given time, their dedication to uphold their patients belief and hope and most imporatntly to save the life at hand. This is one of the most wonderful books I’ve read till date and I’d definitely recommend this book to everyone so that we can gain some pretty good knowledge on the ongoing debate by the doctors and public on ethical practice of medicine.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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