Author Interview Of Hemant M. Kulkarni For ‘The Inquisitive’.


The Inquisitive has been written by Hemant Mahadeo Kulkarni The Author was kind of to answer some of my questions. Thank you so much Sir for the amazing book and interview.

1. Introduce yourself for your readers.

I have worked at Sea for over forty years and have utilized my spare time in honing my writing skills. I write in three languages viz. English ,Hindi and Marathi. I am also into poetry in all three languages and I am passionate about my poetry.

2. What/Who inspired you to write this book?

A small incident narrated by my friend few years back in Mumbai turned out to be a germ for this novel.

3. How difficult or tricky is it to maintain the mystery quotient while writing a thriller ?

Yes, to some extent it’s challenging as one has to ensure that the reader doesn’t get a clue about what’s going to happen next. And therefore one has to think from the point of a reader at every step.

4. How difficult is it to write individuals with so different characters and keeping it constant throughout the book with an air of mystery around them ?

Having spent such a long time at sea, I have come across dozens of peculiar personalities which remained engraved in my mind. And some of them became the characters in my book. It was just a matter of adding some spice to those characters.

5. Which character was the most difficult one to create ?

I wont say difficult, but the Glen’s character was a bit challenging and also very interesting to build up.

6. After writing a thriller which other genre would you like to explore, and why ?

I love thrillers and for the time being I plan to stick to them. My next novel “The Justicer” is also going to be a thriller with a nail biting excitement.

7. How has been your journey as a writer ?

I have been writing since my school days and I have covered poetry, lyrics, short stories, movie stories, novels and also movie scripts. By the way another of my book “Dil ki Nazar se” which has a lovey Hindi/Urdu Shayari was published from New Delhi recently. Thus on the whole it has been a very enriching journey for me.

8. Any message for your readers ?

Also do read my previous thriller about hijacking of a ship which is also on Amazon “Crimson Dawn…hijacked off Aden”. You will love it too.

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