A Year Of Wednesdays


Book- A Year Of Wednesdays
Author- Sonia Bahl
Pages- 280

A Year Of Wednesdays was an amazing read for me ! Such witty narration, humour that wouldn’t just make you laugh, but would also make you wonder how gorgeous this journey is going to be ! This book is going to leave an everlasting impact on you. The characters were such that they’ll carry you with them on their journey, their talks, emotions, past and present will make you feel as if they are your own, you’ll laugh with them, you’ll cry with them, take sides and miss them once the story is over, after you’ve read that last note. The note which would make you believe in ‘ichi-go ichi-e’, would make you want to hug the book and cry, would leave a feeling of longing in you wanting to live a little more with them, cherish the memories and give them a piece of your heart.

“They met on a Wednesday in November. And she believed Wednesday comes in a halo. Nothing bad can happen on Wednesday.”

7B, that’s her seat number and she desperately wished for seat number 7A to be unoccupied so that she could rest with her baby. But then came the occupant of 7A, a hotshot WallStreet guy. Too fresh for a post-midnight long-haul flight !
They talked through their 15 hours long journey that began with midflight turbulence and a baby in need of diaper change. Contrasting views, subtle sarcasm, secrets revealed, aspirations shared, comments passed, meaningless banter, everything changed forever and a year of Wednesdays.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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