The Night Everything Changed

Book- The Night Everything Changed
Author- Neha Prakash Naidu
Publisher- Bluerose Publishers
Pages- 261

#qotd- Who or what do you think is the most scariest thing in the world ?

#aotd- My undisputed answer would be, #HUMANS ! Yes, we humans. Because what goes inside someone’s mind and how that someone is acting could be scarily different. You claim to know a person very well on the basis of what they show you or how they act infront of you. But can you be cent percent sure about what’s going on in their mind ?One moment you would be watching and reading about crimes happening around you and thanking God for a peaceful life, but the next moment you might be the one leading a life full of lies and with a psychopath masked as your partner/friend/colleague. Isn’t that the scariest of all things ? You can learn about the behaviors of animals, harmful substances, diseases, but can you learn about how a human you know and trust would behave right in the next second ?

Want an example to believe my answer ? Read #TheNightEverythingChanged by Neha Prakash Naidu.

Aditya’s grandfather would always tell him stories about his late beloved wife Kaivalya, such was his description of his wife that he made up his mind that if he wanted to lead a blissful life like his grandfather then like him he has to find himself a Kaivalya.Would Aditya’s obsession over the name Kaivalya result in a life full of happiness for him or would it lead him to a life nobody would even choose as a nightmare ?

The best part of the book was the cover and the climax ! The story begins with Aditya’s life and then proceeds as he meets Kaivalya and then their marriage. The story has different subplots and sometimes its a bit confusing as to where it’s leading. It would have been great had the whole meeting and marrying part narrated by both Aditya and Kaivalya been cut short. There were few minor errors. The character built up was superb. It’s like you’ll reading the book, searching for where exactly it’s going and then the thrill will hit you, it’ll freak you out, scare you and give you nightmares.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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