Shades Of Life

Book- Shades Of Life
Author- Shipra Malik
Publisher- Bluerose Publishers
Pages- 58

Life. It has unique plot in store for each individual. Some gain in one field and lose in another, some are content with their hand-to-mouth life but some can’t even sleep in peace with a life full of riches. Some are happily single while some are lonely in a marriage. Someone’s life begins at 40 and someone’s ends at 20. In short, life is unpredictable, but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly our actions and judgements make it unfair.

Shipra Malik evaluates the shades of life in the form of poetry ranging from the nature’s importance in our life to our horrible nature of deceit and vile character to inflict pain and torture in others; from the purity of a mother and childs relationship to the destruction of dreams and hopes caused by fake relationships. From the hypocrisy and patriarchy to “I am called “woman”,

To never forget my role to “woe a man”

The idea behind the book is commendable. The writing style is plain. The poems were enlightening but could be more poetic. These poems throw light on the topics which are so rampant that it has started blending into normal life as common happenings.



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