Scrapbook Of An Unfound Songstress

Book- Scrapbook Of An Unfound Songstress
Author- Vicky Nolan
Pages- 188

I loved the book, to be precise, I loved reading the gorgeous Vicky Nolan’s journey, her strength, her love for music, her striving hard to achieve her dreams. Dreaming about something, achieving it, staying motivated to reach your destination no matter how challenging the path is, is never easy. Obviously because the best things are the hardest to achieve and you need to prove your worth and Vicky Nolan did it. She fulfilled her dream, her passion to become a singer.

Reading her journey was an emotional ride and was full of life lessons. How she was sued by her own manager when she just got her first opportunity, the legal battle, her hopes hanging by a thread, her struggle to rise above all, the moment where she gained clarity of what she really wanted connected with me. The beautiful lyrics written by her, to read about her as an artist and as a person, her family, her past, how she finally made her place in the music industry was awe-inspiring ! Vicky Nolan’s narration and writing style is lucid and her story grabs the attention of the reader and she herself is a strong and inspiring person !
Scrapbook Of An Unfound Songstress was an amazing read for me.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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