The Chronicles Of Golgotha Days

Book- The Chronicles Of Golgotha Days
Author- Sujith Balakrishnan
Pages- 199

“The bed had absorbed my cold blood. If it had veins for the blood to flow through, it would’ve come alive for sure.”

Abhaya, a sixteen year old girl was in love with Babu who worked as a cleaner in a bus. He was around 15 years elder than her. Abhaya and Babu planned to elope. She thought that would teach her parents a lesson. A lesson for being overly concerned about her, for loving her more than anything in the world. She was scared but every time she thought of backing out of the plan, running back to her parents, her blind love and trust for Babu overpowered her and made her walk, unaware, towards her Goglgotha Days.

Led astray by Babu, Abhaya’s life turned into a living hell. One wrong decision and she ended up in the hands of Satans waiting to sexually exploit her to the point where each cell of her body would beg for death.

What’s more disturbing is that this book is inspired from a real incident. Each page I read is tinted with the pain of an innocent girl, the mental, physical and emotional abuse endured by her. The narration, the way of writing just stabs right in the heart with truck load of digust for the ghouls who abused the little girl. I can just imagine how hard it must be for the Author to pen down such a gruesome tale where reading each page needs enormous amount of courage. While going through the worse than death phase, Abhaya having the flashbacks of her parents loving her in every little way possible, caring for her, working hard to give her a beautiful life, just broke my heart. How could a human inflict such pain and abuse on another human ? How can so many people have such sick mentality and not even an ounce of sympathy ? The character were so well formed that their vibes could be felt while reading the book. This might be the most gruesome, heartbreaking, emotional book I’ve ever read.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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